here’s what happened.

A bunch of us advertising ladies got together to talk about this thing that we’re so passionate about: our jobs, or our lives, in advertising.


We talked about what’s great and what’s tough. Everything that’s inspiring…and everything that’s not-so-much. And we got to a point where we had to stop ignoring the elephant in the room: why are there so few women at the top in our business?  After all, we all know smart, motivated, creative, and driven women, like YOU…so what’s up? Why aren’t more of them leading things? Sure, they’re out there kicking all kinds of creative butt..but why aren’t they the folks in charge?

And the more we thought about it, the more we started to obsess over what we could do to change it.

That’s how Straight Up was born. And if you’ve joined us in the past or been invited to an upcoming event, it’s because you’ve been handpicked to be part of it.

The first ever Straight Up event took place January 22nd at the Crosby Hotel. It was an inspiring afternoon with no frills or girly stuff. Just an open, honest forum for inspiration, provocation, discussion, development and action. (Or as we like to think of it, an afternoon of straight up talks and advice, followed by martinis, straight up.)

Stay tuned for the next Straight Up.