The first Straight Up – 1 | 22 | 13

Our first event happened January 22nd at the Crosby Hotel in NY. It was an open forum for inspiration, provocation, discussion, development and action. (Or as we like to think of it, an afternoon of straight up talks and advice, followed by martinis, straight up.)


Anne Bologna


How I Became The Boss
Part 1: Tiffany Rolfe
Part 2: Rosemarie Ryan

Part 4: Susan Credle

Part 3: Sarah Thompson

Part 5: Q & A


Keynote: My Straight Up Story
Wendy Clark

How I Do It All
Part 2: Suzanne Powers
Part 2: Nancy Reyes

Part 4: Emma Cookson

Part 3: Lynn Power

Part 5: Q & A

How You Can Become The Boss
Part 1: Steve Williams
How You Can Become The Boss
Part 2: Panel